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Nelly - Shawna

posted Sep 11, 2009, 7:59 AM by Web Master   [ updated Sep 25, 2009, 5:03 PM ]

I have known Shawna for the last 7 yrs.  Shawna considers me her “adopted daughter” and I consider her my “adopted Mother."  Shawna is a wonderful, caring, and trustworthy person.  Shawna has stood by me through a lot of hard times, proving her strength of character.  Shawna certainly didn’t get this quality from any genetic disposition of her biological mother!  Shame on Shawna’s bio family for even attempting to gain sympathy from the media/public.  I fully believe that Shawna is innocent, and has unfortunately gotten herself in over her head with certain drug cartel and government agencies.  I guess it just proves that “big brother” is always out there watching what you're doing.  I have, and will continue to pray daily for Shawna’s safety and release from her unjust imprisonment.  I hope that more people out there would start doing the “research” on specifics before they just start blurting out BS that they have no factual evidence about!  This includes the Pima County Sheriff’s Dept. and the Media.
Yours Truly,
Nelly Lee